32 . he/she . bi . nonbinary

I am a chef by day, and a writer by free time. While I previously used to work on commission-based freelance writing, I've put that on hold as I've finally started working on my own series of short stories, but it's a long process. It probably won't be finished for a few years. I'm also transcribing a comic called The Devil's Favorites, when I have the free time.

Having been homeschooled, I was never able to learn a foreign language; my mother knew none and couldn't teach what she didn't know. And so, at 32 years old, I am teaching myself Portuguese (BR), as I intend to move to Brazil in the next five years, and finally get married to my fiancé, Yuri.

I do not tolerate TERFs, transmeds/truscum, nazis, or other people who mingle with groups like these.

Free Palestine.Black Lives Matter.

If you ever want to connect with me, know that I'm obsessed with food, writing, and making ocs and fantasy worlds.

I've been making my own original characters for as long as I can remember, with the earliest iteration being in 1996. One of my special interests throughout my entire life has been fantasy politics, governments, economics, and so on. There's nothing I love more than exploring political climates of places that don't exist, especially when I create my own worlds for my ocs.

I really like video games; my current top picks are Warframe, Destiny 2, Baldur's Gate 3, The Binding of Isaac, and LIMBO.

I'm quite fond of taking book recommendations from people, buying those books, and never reading them. My book collection is unnerving. I am also insanely obsessed with the works of Jorge Luis Borges.

I've been into Star Trek and Star Wars since the 90's, and have been a Lord of the Rings fan since 2001.

Extremely interested in South American archaeology, especially the Marajoara culture, and any associated Amerindian history, most notably the Guaraní people.

My current favorite ocs!


A lonely squirrel who spends most of his time running from his issues.


A curious entity who transcends the realms of both dreams and space.


A famous DJ living her best life with her two equally-talented girlfriends.


An isopup who wanders the universe in search of purpose and meaning.


An alien trapped in a science facility and is used as a living test subject.


A former e-boy now thrust into outer space where things are very scary.