Jesse Jin

31. he/she. nonbinary.
borderline. chef. writer.

Estou estudando português!

Hello, I'm Jesse, and I'm obsessed with ocs, languages, and sleeping.I am a chef by day, and a writer by free time. Currently working on my own novel, little by little, but it's a long process. Probably won't be finished for a few years. I have also recently started to write poetry again for the first time in over six years.While I never learned a foreign language in school, I'm doing it now as an adult. These can vary depending on what I'm obsessing over or becoming integrated with in some way. I have been learning Mandarin since 2022, but that has slowed down as I have recently started to learn Portuguese as of May 2023; my boyfriend is from Brazil, and learning his language is something that I really want to do.When I'm not doing any of those things or working at whatever job I've signed my soul away to, I'm legitimately obsessed with making ocs, as stated above. I have been creating ocs since I was a small child, and I can't seem to make myself stop. They're wonderful vehicles for telling stories, or working out inner conflicts or trauma. I can't understand people who don't make ocs. It's so alien to me.I'm also autistic, and one of my special interests throughout my entire life has been fantasy politics, governments, economics, and so on. There's nothing I love more than exploring political climates of places that don't exist, especially when I create my own worlds for my ocs. I've spent years developing my own such things, and I'm so excited to share some of them in my upcoming novel.